Close to the race track
- rather analog than digital

 The ADAC invited more than 400 guests to its motorsport gala. All of the outstanding motoring athletes from 2018 located all over the north Bavarian region were honored  in a especially way. The EVENTPILOTEN came up with something particularly for the production. After more and more digitization with LED-walls, special effects and so on, the stage was set as a 50 meter racetrack. That was supported by a suiting key-visual and the striking slogan „Erfolg auf ganzer Strecke“. That translates to „Success all over the place“. The prize winners were surrounded with two parallel grandstands along the race track. With that setup everybody had a first class view on the proud winners and artists. Ferdinand Schwartz and his band joined the analog scenery with jingles as well as his own songs on a stage of their own. A Gym-wheel duo and BMX athletes made proof that dynamic movement happens on all kinds of wheels. 

The customer honored that as: „Thank you very much for the amazing cooperation, trust and so much more! It takes that to create amazing events."