There are events. And then there are experiences that are more captivating.

How does an event become a happening? How do we create an atmosphere that "captivates" the audience? How do you cause goosebumps? Those are only three of the questions we have been dealing with for the past 15 years. EVENTPILOTEN always conceptualize and execute every event individually - perfectly adjusted to the mission at hand, brand and specific wishes of the client. This creed sets us apart - and also ensures the success of your event.


Successful events tell compelling stories.

Exceptionally successful events tell exceptionally compelling stories. The hero of this story can be your brand, your company, your employees, your target group, your competitors - or you!

Why do events tell stories? Well-told and perfectly staged stories are particularly hard to forget. How long people will remember your event depends on the perfect mix of information, emotion and effective staging. Or, in other words: if you "merely" reach the people in your audience or if you truly move them. Be more appealing.


How we think about events. How we feel events.

World-class events require great commitment from everybody. As part of the "be more appealing" package, we are happy to ensure that you can sit back and fully relax.

The key to success is truly and thoroughly understanding and appreciating the task at hand. We tackle the challenges presented to us by large brands with as much know-how and empathy as those of mid-sized hidden champions. In the end, it is our mind, our many years of experience, but also our intuition that decides which concept we present to you.

Understanding brands

Why brands change. And come alive.

The world changes at a breathtaking pace. Does your brand? We have to admit: even strong brands change. But they do not change every day nor do they do so arbitrarily. They change to actively influence change itself.

In this sense, eventpiloten are both: brand preservers and brand changers. With our high-impact events, we take your target group on a direct journey from the core of your brand to truly living your brand with their eyes, ears, skin and spatial perception. This can be achieved with knowledge and brand stability, but also a significant amount of empathy. eventpiloten lead you down this path with confidence and foresight.