Tension. Power. Interchange.

A conference with these central terms requires a high level of planning and realization. The EVENTPILOTEN coordinated and organized the seem-less flow of the event with their detailed experience in the conference sector. That included technical support as well as database-sourced ticketing and even the creative Design of the invitation and the communication on-site (analog and digital). All very important factors to bring the 3. CKI conference between FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg and the Siemens AG to a new level.
The visitors such as Dr. Roland Busch (CTO and member of the board at Siemens AG), Prof. Joachim Hornegger (President of FAU), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Lerch (Chair of sensorics and power electronics) and many other professors, PhD students, engineers and students of power electronics shared their inspiring knowledge and deepened the bond between the FAU und Siemens AG. The Final round of the TAPAS Challenge as well es start-up workshops by Zollhof brought up many exciting moments and direct knowledge interchange. 

Due to good preparation by the EVENTPILOTEN and their professional support during the conference, the focus was set on the shown projects, keynotes and topics. That made the conference a lasting experience for all the attendees.