There are event agencies. And then there is EVENTPILOTEN.

What makes EVENTPILOTEN different from all the others? Is it the composition of our team? Our philosophy? Our goal of perfection not only in planning, but also in our adherence to schedules and in holding the event? The distinct empathy, that allows us to become one with our work? Our foresightedness? Or is it just our enduring thrill of anticipation of making every event extraordinary? Find it out for yourself!





Why appreciation is key.

A credibly staged event will deliver your message to the intended audience without losing intensity. To achieve this, we deploy all of our know-how.

For eventpiloten, know-how primarily means the experience of how to get your brand to its destination with elaborate dramatic composition. It also means anticipation: We fully dive into the task and requests of our customers in terms of contents, emotions and culture so that in the end, we as a group have a full understanding of your brand and its identity. Based on this appreciation of your brand, we create events that are more appealing.



Strategy concept

Why we love drama.

High-impact events need an elaborate dramatic composition and a team that is able to pull it off with confidence.

With our end-to-end "be more appealing" package, we support our customers from A to Z: from strategic advice and conception to the perfect staging of your event. We analyse the expectations of your target group, work out the leitmotif of your event and adapt it to each individual activity surrounding your event. We develop the plan down to the smallest detail to ensure that the spark jumps over to your audience and stays there as long as possible!


How we define perfection.

What can you expect from an event that was planned and held by eventpiloten?

Most notably: a great deal of serenity and reliability. It doesn't matter whether you hire us as your "prime contractor" for your event, as a creating sparring partner to find ideas or as the project manager of your exhibition stand construction team. One thing will always remain the same: our ambition of being diligent and perfect down to the most infinitely small detail. This is the high standard you can set for each and every one of the projects we work on for you - without exception.


Sustainability begins in our minds.

At eventpiloten, sustainability has many different faces. For example environmental sustainability: everything that we do, we do in full awareness that we only have one planet. We spare resources, use environmentally friendly closed cycle and multi-use systems and take every opportunity we have to reduce the CO2 footprint of every event.

However, we also believe in the sustainability of a message. Depth of content is as much part of this kind of sustainability as sustainable structural and design quality. This is how we can hold events that not only appeal more to the audience, but also make a more lasting impression.