Open doors and interesting insights

Experience concept for an open day of the door

Information, presentation and interaction: these were the three guiding theme of the concept for the open day of the door for the TenneT TSO planned by the EVENTPILOTEN. For a celebration with good neighbors TenneT invited the citizens of Bayreuth for that one time opportunity. The electricity system operator opened the gates to present their new campus for an insight behind the scenes. The regional press as well as high level guests followed the invitation too.

By creating different areas, the large-scale land was set a scene interactively. Information on the company could be got inside the building via interactive and regular communication. The children focused experience area with an exclusive show an-stage not only got the children excited but their parents and grandparents as well. The TenneT Young Heros, a local youngster basketball club, presented itself physically active and a young basketball artist formation set a highlight. Islands for foodtrucks and drinks by the Kulmbacher Brewery  cared for the culinary well-beeing of the visitors. Many more actions like DJ-Sets, a parcour for e-mobility and photofun areas completed the event.

The trust in a good cooperation was something the EVENTPILOTEN could proof with this event once again.